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Handicapping Breakthrough

Numbers by Accuracing provide accurate speed performance ratings for thoroughbred racing handicappers, trainers, and owners.

The Numbers by Accuracing builds on and improves the concepts of both Beyer and Ragozin, resulting in more accurate performance numbers than ever before.  Sheets and Thorograph users will recognize the concept immediately and appreciate how much easier The Numbers are to use.  Everyone else can see how easy it is to compare horses and pick the winners.

clear, Accurate

easy to use

Our single page Original Race Card format makes The Numbers clear and very easy to use, placing all horses in a grid for easy comparison.  Our Extended Card provides greater detail (track,date,conditions, etc.) in a vertical format and Number placement that creates a visual pattern for performance.

Whether you are a veteran handicapper or only show up for the Kentucky Derby, you will be amazed by how quickly you can learn the basics and begin using The Numbers.  From the start, you will be able to spot the horse’s Best Numbers. With a little practice, you will be able to identify patterns that lead to solid-priced and long shot winners.

About the Numbers

Accuracing was created by a veteran (30-year) handicapper and Numbers Guy. His handicapping heroes are Beyer and Ragozin. He cut his teeth on these two handicapping legends. Both men broke new ground and revolutionized horse racing and handicapping, but now, Accuracing takes their theories to an all new level.

Numbers Store

Purchase individual race cards in original or extended format or purchase an unlimited membership, the best deal. Members have access to all tracks. all days. Get a full month for about the cost of 3 days.

How to Use Numbers

One of the best features of The Numbers is that they can be used on several levels from basic to advanced. The most basic level is selecting the horse with the lowest number. Step up a level and include pattern handicapping. Accuracing provides detailed explanation of patterns and trends to help you take your handicapping to the next level.

Pattern Handicapping

As you become comfortable with the Numbers, you will want to become familiar with trends and patterns that lead to winning with generous odds. How a horse’s numbers have improved or declined coming into today’s race can be a strong indicator of how it will run. There are several trends that are predictors of further improvement and some that indicate a likely worse performance.