The Numbers provides greater accuracy and insight than any other source.  Better than Beyer. Better than The Sheets.  Better than Thorograph.

Race handicappers want to know which horse will win.  The best predictor of future performance is examining past performances.  To that end, Accuracing provides the most accurate speed Numbers available in two different formats to meet the different needs and preferences of handicappers.

  • Our original format is a simple grid format with 14 months of history and each race on one page, making comparing horses very simple and creating a visual of time between races.

  • Our second format, The Extended Card, is a vertical card providing 2 years of history, dates, tracks, surface and course types, and track conditions.  The Numbers are displayed in a staggered view, creating visual performance patterns.

The Details

Accuracing uses weight in calculating the Number. 

  • The lower the Number, the faster the race.
  • Lengths: 1 point = ≈1 length at 5 furlongs increasing to 2 lengths at 1 ¼ miles.
  • Weight: 1 point = 5 lbs.

Accuracing also calculates a variant for each race.  We do not use pars or track variants.  To reach our race variant, we look back at each horse’s past performances and determine an expected speed; then we compare each horse’s expected speed to the current day’s speed and then compare those differences among all the other horses in the race that day.  This calculation is proprietary, but basically when all/most horses in the race show a similar difference between the race speed and what would be expected, then the race is assigned a variant.

Our precision 1Time Charts also set us apart from the rest.  To maintain precision, we review our Charts daily and make adjustments when needed.

1 Time Charts equalize all distances at all tracks